What is cosmetic dentistry Los Angeles? This is what happens when you visit your doctor to have procedures done from simple changes to major repairs and everything in between with the aim of improving your smile. You may have had problems with your dental structure including discoloration, cracking, chipping or improperly shaped teeth.

It is the work of the dentist to close any gaps, reshape and restore the worn out teeth to give you a smile you so desire. The conventional procedures that will improve your smile include the following:

Reshaping and Contouring

This method of cosmetic dentistry Los Angeles is done in one session whereby crooked teeth, overlapping or chipped and uneven teeth are corrected. For contouring and reshaping, the attributes of the teeth altered with include the length, position, and the shape. During this session, minor issues like biting problems are also rectified. Ideal candidates for this procedure should have healthy teeth looking to improve their smiles. An X-ray to determine the availability of the necessary bones and spaces for the various alterations.


White teeth are believed to improve the smile of a person and thus the necessity of this procedure that is aimed at lightening the color of discolored teeth. There are various systems for whitening teeth including in-office, using over the counter gels and having one done under dental supervision.

Many patients prefer doing the procedure at home due the convenience and low cost of execution. Before deciding on the method, be sure to visit a dentist to check if you are eligible for teeth whitening.


During bonding, a tooth-colored material is used to change the color of the teeth and make it more desirable, as well as fill the gaps between the teeth. The susceptibility of bonding to chipping and staining is more compared to the other forms of restoration. This procedure only takes one session and will last for several years to come.


These are thin pieces of porcelain used over the teeth to change their color and shape. It is one of the most common procedures for cosmetic dentistry Los Angeles. They are convenient for use over irregular surfaces, spaced teeth, crooked teeth, and discolored ones. They are used the same as bonding, and little or no anesthesia is need during the application.

The dentist will take the general structure of your dental formula and create its replica using a porcelain veneer. Slight bluffing of the teeth may be necessary to ensure that the veneer fits properly. Since they are made in the laboratory, you will be required to make more than one visit to your dentist unto they have the right size and shape.


This procedure of cosmetic dentistry Los Angeles if the most time consuming and expensive of all. They use materials called crowns or caps to cover the top part of the teeth to restore their normal appearance and shape. They are usually employed in the instance where the other procedures are deemed to be ineffective. Meaning, the dentist will have to carry out some examination before settling for this rather expensive process.